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Speak with an Admissions Counselor now to find out whether your insurance qualifies or to discuss payment options for your needs.

Getting Started

1. Call an Admissions Counselor to discuss your unique needs, assess payment options, and learn more about our program.

2. Plan your travel to Jacksonville Beach, Florida. We can help you book your flight and transportation from the airport.

3. Arrive and begin your recovery journey with Recovery Coast.

Don’t let perceived financial hurdles stop you from taking the first step.

We are sure you’ve heard of far too many people who never make the first step of calling an Admissions Counselor because they wrongly think they can’t afford treatment. It’s a myth that intensive outpatient addiction treatment is only for wealthy people.

Don’t let the commercials about resort-style treatment centers in exotic places or news stories about celebrities in rehab trick you into thinking it’s out of your league financially.

The reality is that many people have insurance that covers addiction treatment with little-to-no co-pay.  With our Rfactor4 business model, we strive to make treatment as affordable and approachable as possible. This means you can take a step toward recovery without worrying about how it will affect your savings or credit.

Payment Options

We’ve worked hard to make treatment as accessible as possible for anyone, on any budget. To do that, we’ve partnered to accept three types of payment options.

  1. Insurance
  2. Credit Card
  3. Personal Check 
  4. Financing Available