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Learn about drug addiction, substance abuse, treatment options, and drug rehab.

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Recovery starts with education

Recovery Coast exists to turn the tide of drug addiction and substance abuse in America.¬†Providing free educational resources is core to our mission. By helping you learn more about the problem of addiction, we believe you’ll be more well-equipped to take healthy steps toward recovery, whether it’s for yourself or for your loved one.

Through this website, we provide vital information about:

  • drug addiction facts and myths
  • how to detect addictive behaviors in a loved one
  • the truth about different types of treatment
  • how families are affected by substance abuse
  • current news about the addiction epidemic
  • tips and tricks for family of addicts
  • recent breakthroughs in drug addiction treatment
  • how to choose the right drug rehab center for you or your loved one
  • what can you expect from drug rehab
  • what happens when you or someone you love relapses after their first rehab stay
  • the effectiveness of varied therapy strategies
  • the medical side of drug addiction
  • ways to help a loved one who’s suffering from drug or alcohol addiction
  • life after drug rehab
  • and so much more…

The Recovery Coast Blog

Our blog is written by our therapists and clinical specialists. You’ll find everything from local updates and company news to inspiring stories and staff developments. Read more on the Recovery Coast blog.

Addiction and Recovery News Round-ups

We want to be an invaluable source of knowledge and news about addictions, substance abuse, drug rehab, and treatment. To do that, we regular publish round-ups of the latest news on these topics. You’ll find everything from scientific findings to political sea changes and how it all effects you or your loved ones. See our News Round-ups to stay up-to-date.

Uplifting Stories, Breakthroughs, and Changed Lives

We’ve seen lives change first hand. It’s part of the everyday experience at Recovery Coast. And because we know that stories have power, we do our best to tell some of those stories here so you can see that hope is real and recovery is possible. Read some success stories right now.